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Louis Vuitton Handbags

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The classical designs of Louis Vuitton Bags

Classical designs mean that they could be handed down from generation to generation. To designers, it is definitely a test; to fans, it's a good thing, as the Louis Vuitton bags are always popular, with impeccable and perfect work, exquisite and beautiful pattern, they are so durable that could be regarded as the timeless items. As follows, we will discuss the main classical designs of Louis Vuitton bags.

I believe that the first generation of pattern is known by lots of people, yes, that is monogram canvas, which is the symbol of LV, and widely applied to all kinds of bags and trunks. From 1986 to now, it loved by all the people, even in the situation of diversified development of today, it is still irreplaceable. We know its huge importance.

The second is Damier pattern. It is dated from 1888, Louis Vuitton blends the brand with canvas pattern, and it features the checkerboard pattern, especially the white and black grille. This line is recognizable also. Then, we talk about the monogram multicolor, it is a creation of Takashi Murakami, which greatly adds the vital color and flavor to Louis Vuitton bags, colorful and compelling appearance is its main feature.

Vernis leather is inspired by Marc Jacobs, who combines monogrammed pattern with patent leather, that is to say, it blends classic and fashion style. Stunning color, stylish and elegant image make this line be the favorite products of women. Marc used young and active color, which symbolized the new era of LV.

Epi leather features the rippling on the surface of bags, it is more waterproof than leather. Due to its glossy and lustrous sense of touch, in the modern life, it quickly becomes the good partner of office ladies that hints its elegant image. Mahina series is famous by its perforated pattern around its surface; full of feminine and refined features, such as Mahina Lunar PM Handbag is a wonderful iconicity.

Stephen Sprouse is named from the famous artist and designer. Rose motifs and graffiti patterns are the typical characteristics. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Graffiti Neverfull and Stephen Sprouse speedy 30 are the perfect interpretations. Taiga series is designed specifically for men, it is crafted in fine cowhide leather with cross pattern, mainly include traveling bags, briefcases etc.

Of course, there are other kinds of lines, the collections above belong to the most important ones, and maybe we will continue to discuss the rest at the leisure time. Do you have some information about the main categories of Louis Vuitton bags at on line store? Hope the answer is yes.